www.mallinsons/benandmaggiecafe Mail, pictures of food,Videos of us,Contact us



our café is at a house like a market EVEN WE DO






We are like MAD on our Videos


You can be friends with us on:

>Flickr as Ben Mallinson

>Youtube as dojeedavesson & dojeedave



Ben likes: technology

Maggie Likes: Sport & Parks



we would really like to go to America I Want to meet Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus

And mom who’d like to have those Ben 10 Cars there


If you Want to reply just go to  www.mallinsons/benandmaggiecafe then ‘Contact us’ call Me and say the Reply


Why is you must come to our café is to eat food


Ben’s favorite color is : Yellow

Maggie’s Favorite Color is: Pink

Well didn’t know that I have my first loose tooth